I read a story regarding an extremely unprofessional and sarcastic statement made by Bob Foote, who is described as the founder and chairman of the annoying annual Hood to Coast relay (“Hood to Coast chairman replaced after snubbing women’s teams,” The Daily Astorian, Aug. 28).

Does Mr. Foote not appreciate that this event has resulted in his joining the growing list of millionaires at the expense of year-round residents who are told by law enforcement officers that we cannot travel on a road to our homes because there are runners present?

And when he realizes that he has zigged when he should have zagged, he conveniently passes the torch to his daughter and bows out. At least maybe until the dust settles a bit. It is my understanding that a “deal” has been agreed upon by Mr. Foote and our city fathers and mothers extending this disruption to continue for several more years. To me that is a win-win for some and a lose-lose for many more.

Our town is already choked in traffic gridlock too much of the time, and it is time to negate the agreement between the city of Seaside and Hood to Coast organizers and full-pocketed executives.

I wonder if that team of ladies who were treated with so much disrespect by Mr. Foote should be refunded their team entry fee.

Don Olson