There are a few City Council seats coming up for election in the next few months.

One candidate has a history of going to the City Council meeting and beating his chest about all the vile things going on in the lovely city of Astoria.

I was in attendance at the July 7 City Council meeting, and he did just that against my neighbor and I. He accused us of having “garages without permits” and “building on city property” without one shred of evidence. He had the time to visit the addresses to take pictures but didn’t take the time to see if his opinions could be substantiated with fact. All he would have had to do was visit the city hall and he would have found out that he was wrong. Wrong on every single point.

We don’t need people like that representing us. The only thing I do on city property is having the grass cut to stop it from getting too tall.

Shame on me.

Just because someone makes the City Council meetings every two weeks, does not make them a viable candidate for any office. Vote wisely, it’s one of the most important freedoms we really still have left.

Brian Woosley


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