Don’t be misled by those slick TV ads saying to vote “yes” on Measure 101 ­— which is a health care sales tax that is blatantly unfair to the working middle class, schools and colleges. If this tax is voted in, it will tax citizens’ health care premiums. It will suck $25 million from Oregon school districts.

Moreover, approximately 11,700 Oregon college students who buy their own health care will pay more for tuition, because the colleges themselves will be levied a tax (which they will pass onto the students) for the mandated student health care.

Medicaid providers will be taxed as well, potentially reducing payments to doctors and nurses who already work at cost to help Oregon’s neediest citizens.

Guess who is exempt from this tax if it passes? Large corporations, unions, and the insurance companies. I suspect those flashy ads are being paid for by them.

The Oregon Legislature had three other alternatives to fund health care without raising taxes on health care services, but chose Measure 101. Why? My guess is that any surplus health care tax funds will be placed in the general fund, which they have total discretion to spend on whatever they wish — all on the backs of hardworking citizens.

Vote ‘no’ on Measure 101.

Mary Ann Brandon


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