In their weekly advertisement in the Columbia Press, Oregon LNG keeps telling us that Warrenton deserves better. Well, for once I have to agree with them.

Warrenton does deserve better. We deserve to not have a noisy, sulphur, methane spewing plant with a 69 to 150-foot flame making the night sky look like daylight. So much for looking at the stars at night. 

We deserve to know the whole truth, not just what Oregon LNG wants us to know. And, just because the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) thinks there won’t be a problem doesn’t mean that there isn’t one. Anyone who has followed the FERC rulings over the last few years know they rubber stamp everything. What the hey — they don’t live here.

If you haven’t been up to the Astoria Column for a while, then go. Stand at the bottom and look way up to the top. Each of the two liquefied natural gas storage tanks will be taller than the column. 

And those jobs they keep promising. How many will actually go to locals, not to workers that are from Portland, Vancouver, Washington, Idaho, etc.?

And where on earth will all those people live while they are working on the LNG plant? We don’t have enough rentals for those in the area, much less for all the people coming into the area to work on the plant. If they fill the hotels, then where are the tourists going to stay, if they decide to come at all with the traffic mess that will come with the construction?

Yes, Oregon LNG architects say that the plant will be safe and secure during a 9.0-plus earthquake and resulting tsunami. How many of these plants have they designed and tested in a real life major 9.0 earthquake/tsunami situation, in an area such as ours, that they are so confident that they are right? It’s not their lives on the line. What happens if there is an LNG tanker tied up when the earthquake and tsunami hit? As we know, there will not be just one wave but several, that could span 24 hours.

The three Democrats running for secretary of state have told the state’s building trades council that, in exchange for the trade unions support, if elected, they will not block the Jordan Cove LNG plant in Coos Bay. Now let’s see — Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, is running for governor in the next election. Makes you kind of stop and wonder why she is not invoking the Coastal Zone Management Act for the Oregon LNG facility in Warrenton, doesn’t it?

I usually don’t recommend movies, but has anyone seen the movie “San Andreas”?  If not, do so. Maybe we should send a copy to FERC and Gov. Brown.

Yes, Oregon LNG is right. Warrenton deserves so much better than them.

Diana Talarsky


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