I commend The Daily Astorian’s strong stance opposing the Trump administration’s move to allow oil and gas drilling off our nation’s shores: “Offshore drilling here? Absolutely not” (Jan. 9), and “Drill here but not there? Heck no” (Jan. 12). This reckless move goes against the will of the majority of Americans, who want to protect the ocean from this kind of dangerous exploitation.

To make things worse, this decision comes soon after the Trump administration weakened regulations designed to help prevent oil spills, keep workers safe and protect the environment. These rules were enacted to prevent another catastrophe like the horrendous Deepwater Horizon spill, which forever changed the Gulf of Mexico. History shows that where we drill, we spill. We can’t afford that risk in the Pacific Ocean, which is already facing acidifying waters, harmful algal blooms and other consequences of climate change.

The federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management will hold a public hearing on the proposal from 3 to 7 p.m. Feb. 6 at the Red Lion Hotel, 3301 Market Street N.E., Salem. I hope that Oregonians will make their voices heard on this matter.

Additionally, the administration’s decision to exempt the state of Florida from offshore drilling for what appear to be political reasons is appalling. Our national energy policy shouldn’t be based on the president’s preferred gubernatorial candidate or the location of a Trump golf course.

Risking the health of our oceans for the financial gain of private companies defies common sense and is reckless, wrong and unnecessary. In Congress, I’ll continue to advocate for investing in clean energy technologies, and I’ll fight against Trump’s drill-at-all-costs agenda.

Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici


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