I have been a government employee most of my life, since I was 17 years old; U.S. Army, and a city, county, and state official for over 30 years in Clatsop County.

I’m not sure what’s actually going on in the county government but I can say this, the county manager is in charge of managing county affairs, such as county employees and all functions of the county, and is answerable to the elected official, not the other way around.

Just to state that he’s not attending a commission meeting because of some hostilities is grounds for termination (“Clatsop County manager strikes back over commissioner comments,” The Daily Astorian, April 26). From where I stand, the only persons in a hostile environment are Lianne Thompson and her counterpart, Kathleen Sullivan. Meeting closed.

What kind of government are you running when a rebuttal is not permitted? Don’t we voters have a right to hear both sides?

Jim Brien