I want to express my horror and outrage at the despicable words and attitudes spouted over the past weeks by the man who may have been falsely elected president of our country.

To hear the blasphemy coming from his mouth often, and in the ugliest of ways, is sickening and enraging me.

I want us all to remember that we must stand firm in our convictions and commitment to equality, compassion and justice. We are true Americans, whether we are immigrants or native born, people of color or white, disabled or able. We represent the true America. The man and his cronies who are trying to change our democracy to a tyrannical and heartless kleptocracy do not represent the ideals and mission of the U.S.

We must resist, in the name and memory of those many individuals who have lived and died for freedom for all of us, in civil rights battles, in courtrooms, in jail houses, in simple acts of rebellion against evil.

I ask all of us to double down on our acts of kindness, of resistance, of commitment to our ideals and the promises of a multicultural, pluralistic nation, the United States of America, a nation which respects and honors diversity, exercises its strengths and works on its weaknesses.

We are Americans. What our so-called president is doing does not represent us. He is an American only by birth, not by attitude or behavior or heart. We are Americans, and we have a duty not to blindly obey a false and evil leader. We are Americans and we will resist evil.

Rev. Kit Ketcham


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