I was thinking about some of the things we spend money, or time, on in this country, and what a waste much of it is. In fact, some of these things are very morally wrong and harmful to our minds and bodies.

Think about how much booze is consumed in our country alone. How many marriages have fallen apart from it, or kids left with just one parent? How many drunk drivers have ended others’ lives?

Then, how much has smoking affected our lives? Our lungs were not made for smoke, but fresh clean air. Tobacco raises our heart rate, makes everything smell terrible, costs around $800 to $1,000 a year, and takes an average eight years off your life.

What about drugs? Wow, how sad many are addicted to these substances, illegal or prescription medicines. How many lives have been ruined by them? Millions, I’m sure.

Why do so many turn to such things? Why can’t we seem to cope with everyday life? Remember when we didn’t have a fraction of these problems? Now it’s an epidemic, God help us. A country is only as strong as its people; every empire has fallen from within before it comes crashing down. Look at history, folks.

We really need a miracle to turn the tide, to wake us up, to change our very nature. We need Jesus Christ to forgive our sins and give us a new life. Ask him for help.

Robert Register


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