It is opined over and over again, and on almost all hands agreed to, that Donald Trump is unfit to be president. His opponent then, by implication, is “fit.” Hillary Clinton looked away while her husband, a lascivious, adulterous womanizer all his political life, turned first the Little Rock, Arkansas, statehouse and then the White House into his personal bordellos.

Then, disdaining a cardinal dogma of contemporary feminism, she “stuck by her man” as he unctuously slithered, squirmed and perjured his way to impeachment. Her own mendacity and devious evasions are known to all. It is reported that 75 per cent of the electorate will vote against one or the other, and not for either.

Friends, Oregonians, countrymen and women: Vote for neither. Vote against both. Has the American electorate lost all sense of moral discernment that it will accede in a choice between a bombastic clown and a liar to serve in its highest elected office? Has virtue become a minor irrelevance in our nation’s governance?

Cast your ballot for a third-party candidate, or write in the name of a neighbor or an acquaintance you know to be a plain-talking, honest, thrifty and industrious soul who would serve, not as a political party ideologue, but as president of all the people, with humility and great respect for our nation’s founding document, the Constitution; who will preside over a government run as frugally as his or her own household; and who will not splinter society into competing groups organized by race, ethnicity, gender, age, business, occupation or class by holding out the promise of government favors in return for party fealty, votes or campaign contributions.

Whatever way comes to mind, on your ballot, just say no to Hillary and Trump.

Louis Sargent


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