My sister, Joan Leigh Hall, disappeared from Warrenton Sept. 30, 1983. She has been missing for 28 years.

People may think we have forgotten her, but we haven’t. I think of her often. I feel nobody in the Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office cares if they ever find her.

I still miss her. Both of her parents, Melvin and Mary Jane Hall, have passed away not knowing where their baby girl is. Her brother, Frank Hall, and sister, Charlotte Hall, have also passed without their baby sister. She has three siblings left who desperately need closure.

I often wonder if she would have married and had children. I will never know because someone took that away from her. She never got to meet my two children or four nephews and one niece – my brother’s children. They never got to meet their Aunt Joanie because someone took her away from us.

If anyone has any information about the disappearance of my sister, Joan Leigh Hall, please contact the local authorities.