SEASIDE - The annual prayer breakfast at Dooger’s was May 3. A large group enjoyed eggs, muffins, superb bacon, sausage, fruit and coffee from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. The next hour was spent being led in prayer by several local ministers on various subjects - government, schools, churches, etc. These times were interspersed with enthusiastic singing of patriotic songs and hymns led by Mr. Boling.

The format, managed every year by Carroll Van Dyke. Never varies much but we like it and enjoy the companionship. “How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.” Prayers were led by John Tindell, United Methodist Church; Don Larson, North Coast Fellowship; Tolbert Lovelady, River of Life Fellowship, who has recovered miraculously from a fall; Eric Westman, Logan Road Chapel; Lou Neubecker, representing the veterans, read a prayer composed by Albert Wood, who is a veteran from way back.

Probably we all know what it’s like to lose a sock or a glove which matches another, ruining a pair. I do it too often for comfort. But someone is looking out for my ineptitude. On May 6, I thought I’d “misplaced” a glove, either at home, in my car, or on a walk around the neighborhood. As it happened, I dropped it at church.

A week later, when heading out to go home, there it was, still where I’d dropped it – on the sewer grate outside! When one thinks of the possibilities, it’s somewhat miraculous. It could have fallen into the drain instead of across it. It could have been run over by several hundred cars or someone could have picked it up and tossed it. You should understand that these are my favorite, threadbare purple gloves which cost me three or four dollars.

I just learned that Pudgy’s Restaurant has becomes “Finns Fish House” although the signage hasn’t been put up yet. On good authority, the food is great and reasonable in price, but then Pudgy’s cuisine was good too. Playing dinner music every Friday and Saturday from 6 to 9 p.m. is local pianist Carey Buerk who does get around. I think I probably saved Pudgy’s a little money in the past when I suggested that they use Plexiglas over their stained windows which had frequently been broken, because that’s what we do at my church.

Ollie Vernor has been ill at home for quite a while. I would hope that some of those who worked with him when he was mayor would keep him in “feel better” cards as a way to honor him for his faithful service. Thank you.

Smiles: When Rock and Roller Fats baked a cheesy pie by himself, could you call that a Domino’s Pizza?

Prominent cartoon bear shoots one over par, I believe they call it Yogi bogey.

Claire Lovell lives in Seaside and can be reached at (503) 738-7215.

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