It’s amazing to me that we are the recipients of so many donated books. It’s so much fun to see the different subjects reflected and the interest of the readers.

Every Tuesday morning a small group of dedicated volunteers sifts through the books, putting them in different categories, and then the pricing begins. There are many parameters used in finding the right price.

As they look through each book they often find bookmarks, greeting cards, photographs, airline tickets and more. We recently found a gift certificate to the Hong Kong duty free airport shop. However, last week I found the most amazing things tucked inside a lovely coffee table book, and I show it to anyone who comes into the office.

It all started just recently when a kind soul brought in eight boxes of beautiful books. They were so heavy they had to be brought to us with a hand cart. The volunteer who received them was told that a beach house had sold, and so the owner was cleaning out. Normally, we get a name and contact information so we can write a thank you note. This time, as we were busy with so many visitors, this didn’t happen.

I was looking at one of the books, and something was sticking out of the edge. As I pulled it out, I saw a marriage certificate dated Feb. 24, 1853. The couple was Peter Woodward and Harriet L. Williams. Wow! This was before the Civil War.

Also there was a page titled “Family Record.” It seems that Peter was 22 and Harriet was 17 when they married. The third item was of a photo print of Abraham Lincoln (c.1864). I had to find the owners of these treasures.

I called the Cannon Beach City Hall to ask if there was someone with the last name of Woodward who gets a water bill. There was no one. These will not be recycled like so many bookmarks are. I really want to find the family who brought in the books. If you are out there reading this, or if you might know this family, please let me know. If not, I may have to call the History Detectives.

Save these dates:

• Our Northwest Author Series starts again at 2 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 14. We are so excited that Lance Weller, author of “Wilderness,” will be with us. Publishers Weekly said of the book, “War and remembrance combine powerfully in this rugged debut novel of the horrors of combat and the fierceness of nature.”

“Wilderness” is a moving tale of unforgettable characters written by an immensely impressive novelist. It is also an eloquent story about who we are as human beings, a people and a nation. We hope you will join us.

• Sept. 28 is the date of our annual Harvest Festival, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can shop for handmade crafts, special treasures, lovely gifts, children’s items and yummy baked goods. Our beautiful quilt will be raffled at 4 p.m., so if you haven’t bought your tickets, now is the time. We will be closed Friday to set up, and we hope to see you Saturday.


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