After reading the Astorian's front-page story "School board members fight recall" (The Daily Astorian, June 2) I am again reminded why this recall was brought up in the first place.

We as parents have major concerns about the way this school board made their decisions. This board was given two budget options; the superintendent's, which would create two very large schools, and cut 16 teachers. The other option keeps the same size schools and cut seven teachers. Even if the school board did not want to form an advisory committee why didn't they as least have the budget committee look at both budgets presented to them? If there was a way to save nine teachers shouldn't that have been studied more? Instead the decision was made and we as concerned parents were told to only speak up if we had something positive to say about the superintendent's plan.

Ken Chapman talking about C.A.R.E. (Citizen Advocates for Representation in Education) was quoted as saying "This is really petty stuff. 'We didn't get our way so we're going to take our ball and go home - and kick you off the field.'"

It is that attitude that has sparked this recall.

We parents' have legitimate concerns for our children's educations, and this school board, with the exception of Laurie Choate, has treated us like we are ignorant children, "under the guise of caring stewardship," and continues to do so

I am sure that these four men have many wonderful qualities and have worked very hard with the limited funds available to them. But there are many intelligent people in our community who have worked very hard to keep Astoria schools a wonderful learning environment. What I would love to see is a school board who is willing to work with creative people and whose members have the ability show an interest in other ideas. Who knows there might be a good idea out there that is different from the superintendent's? But I am afraid with this board we will never know.

Kimberly Raichl



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