‘What did you think of the eclipse?’

“I have mixed feelings about the eclipse. When I was a little kid, it was pitch dark during the day. It was cool to watch, though. I had a great shot at home, it was beautiful.”

Shanna Davis, Hammond

“I tried to watch it. I got up early and stuff, but with the problem with the glasses, I used a pin prick with a piece of paper, but I didn’t see anything. It got cooler, though. It still looked light to me. I would have liked to see what everyone else saw, but didn’t want to take a chance on going blind.”

Gregor Ledferd, Astoria

“I thought it was amazing. I was at the Column, and it was beautiful. It was funny to see people wearing the glasses, and it was nice to see people with their families and getting together.”

Siham Erragh, New York City and France