There is a Scottish proverb that proclaims: "Whatever it is, begin it." The maxim adds that boldness has power within it. The meaning of the truism is that once you begin a venture, unanticipated and beneficial forces will come into play.

The aphorism has meaning for the Clatsop Community College Board of Directors. At the board's meeting last Tuesday, there was some confusion and a certain reluctance to commit on the part of some directors. The college's course of action must be clear: Fix up the campus. Renovate what's there.

During that session, Board Chairwoman Rosemary Baker-Monaghan used an important word: "Creative." In his remarks to the board, designer Ed Overbay used another important word: "Imagination."

The board's challenge is to double its investment package that will pay for work on its Jerome Street campus. That takes creativity and imagination. The layman might think that imagination doesn't apply to money management, but it does. Creativity and imagination are at the heart of finance.

CCC President Greg Hamann doesn't have the skills within the college administration that are needed to leverage the college's money. For instance, CCC does not even have a grant writer on staff. Hamann must reach out for help. And quickly.

Portland State University and its former Financial Vice President George Pernsteiner are the masters of leverage. PSU has indicated its willingness to help Clatsop College. Closer to home, Shorebank Enterprise Cascadia is vitally interested in the college's development.

Now is not the time for confusion or halfway commitments. It's too late in the day for reluctance.