If God is a Republican, is war a wholly-owned Republican subsidiary?Vice President Dick Cheney tells us that if John Kerry and John Edwards are elected in November we'll be more vulnerable to a terrorist attack. Does that also mean that Cheney and President Bush will promise to have another 1,000 American soldiers die in a poorly conceived war in Iraq?

Raise your hand if you feel safer because we've got troops in Iraq. Now that we have reached the sorrowful milestone of 1,000 American soldier deaths, are you confident that President Bush knows what he's doing? Bear in mind that 800 soldiers died since Bush declared the end of hostilities - while dressed in a flightsuit on an aircraft carrier - that's more than those who died prior to that photo opportunity.

The Re-elect Bush campaign is all about the war, all about terror and not about much else. Mr. Bush knows that smearing John Kerry's war record worked. That's why his surrogates will do it again and again. Bush also knows that terror can be the tipping point in this election. Thus we have Vice President Cheney's bankrupt comment that the nation is more likely to be attacked if Kerry is in the White House.

If God is a Republican, is war a wholly-owned Republican subsidiary?

Bush and Cheney will continue to smear Kerry because they have no record to run on. Do you really expect Bush and Cheney will talk about the federal deficit they have run up? That deficit is not a remote prospect. It is already limiting American options. If Congress and the president have not dealt with Bush's deficit within another decade, there will be a massive shifting in Social Security retirement benefits.

Does Bush have a clue about the nation's financial situation? At the Republican National Convention, the president promised more tax cuts. Let's see, we can run a foreign war and operate a Medicare program that is more expensive from the Bush revisions and prepare for a demographic bulge moving toward retirement.

The economics of this Republican president will burden generations to come.

The truth is that the Iraq War is going badly. Writing about Bush's acceptance speech, the respected global affairs writer Fareed Zakaria noted: "On Iraq, the president seemed strangely disconnected. It was as if it were May 2003 and the statue of Saddam Hussein had just fallen. There was no recognition that events in Iraq are not going well, that for a year our troops have found themselves facing a widening insurgency and, more importantly, deepening hostility from the general public."

As justifications prove hollow, the president's team keeps shifting the reason for this war. In Portland this week, Condoleeza Rice said that we're going to impose democracy on the Middle East. How many lives will that cost?

The crassness of the Bush-Cheney team is breathtaking. They know they cannot win this election on their merits. With nothing to sell, they will simply scare us into voting for a president who got us into war under false pretenses.


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