Judge Albin W. Norblad should recuse himself because of obvious conflicts in the suit between the Clatsop County district attorney and the city of Astoria (“How’s this for irony?” The Daily Astorian, Oct. 5). We are looking more and more like Mayberry RFD at Alice’s tea party.

I have read in the paper the rule of law that prompts the lawsuit. What is going on with the city government? Have they lost their minds? Are they receiving proper counsel?

If there are members in that august body who have been through Municipal Court with driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUIIs), they need to recuse themselves, also.

It seems heartless and meaningless to me that the city of Astoria is willing to spend money on a lawsuit they have brought on themselves by their pride and obstinance, while social service agencies in this town are hard put to find the funds for folks doing without food, heat and transportation.

I was very proud of this county when honest citizens were able to vote in a decent county commissioners board to better represent the people. The movement afoot to “Occupy Wall Street” could well be translated to “Occupy City Hall” in Astoria.




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