“There should be homeless shelters everywhere. For a lot of people it’s not a choice, but there are always a few who do have a choice. There’s also the problem of closing mental health clinics.”

Kathy Ziegler – Pacific City

“That’s a tough one. They have a rehab place that has some shelter, and a crisis place for women where they can get help and a place to live. All you can do for the guys is provide programs with rehab, counseling and therapy. They need to be proactive themselves if they want to get off the street.”

David Montgomery – Svensen

“Shelters would be great – more shelters. And also, employers who would give these people a chance. Maybe the county could provide on the job training.”

Jessica Narkaus – Astoria

“A lot of the problems we have are a variety of age groups, lack of employment, lack of skills, lack of mental health care, and they need healthy organic food they can’t afford. People are going to have to come together as a community to help them. They need quality care and love.”

Roseby Foss – Astoria

“They should fine people for camping in unauthorized areas. It’s a start.”

Christy Coulombe – Astoria



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