‘Should we get rid of daylight saving time?’

“Yes. The kids should not be starting school when it’s dark. There’s no reason to start at 8 a.m.; they should start at 9 a.m. Studies show they learn better when they start later. And we need to keep kids in school. Daylight saving time is out of date.”

Jennifer Rouda, Astoria

“Absolutely. I don’t think it serves its purpose — for agriculture and energy savings — any more. We’re just not in the same boat any more; we’re just not.”

Grace Robinson, Warrenton

“I wish I could say ‘Yes,’ but I don’t think so. Without changing the clocks like that, and with the way the earth rotates, every year time gets offset more and more. So we’re stuck with it. A better solution is to find something to replace it.”

Miles Peacock, Astoria