Claire Lovell

When I came home from the Signal office last week, I walked part of the way on the old railroad bed, remembering all the times I’d ridden the S.P.&S. train to Portland, crossing the long trestle in Astoria and maybe transferring to a ferry at Goble which took us to Winlock(?) on the Washington side of the river.         From there, we took another train to Vader where we vacationed with by “Big Sister.” Betty and I took this journey together. Sometimes it was scary and once we got lost. Quite an adventure for a six and eight year old. Coming back in reverse, we got off at Surf Station near 12th where the theater is now.

My brother’s four initials, JMTR, were carved inside the small building. Because he was the last boy and we had only three, mom had saved up a lot of boys names and consequently gave them all to him-hoping perhaps that that would be the end of it. (It was.)

The President needs to practice his salute and snap it up. The two fingers, which are supposed to be their width above the right eyebrow (I seem to remember) end up almost poking him in the eye.

One Wednesday night, I got to see my team win the world series pennant for the 27th time. Yay, Yankees! You guys better not make any cracks about my NY cap now!

I was quite interested to read in the “In One Ear” column about Beryl Atwood who reached the Century mark before she died. I had read about the Atwood family before but Beryl was never mentioned. I thought she was a teacher. My brother, Rudy Ruthrauff, talked about her a lot.

I don’t know if they were romantically involved, but at least they were good friends of the same vintage. I believe the family lived on the side of the hill in Astoria which is now Marine Drive. Gee, that was a longtime ago, as is everything that comes back to me. Rudy was in his 90’s when he died.

Recently I burned myself on the broiler element of my stove. It was one of those times when a person smells cooking flesh. Instead of red, it was kind of an apricot seared shade. I quickly put an icy package from the freezer on it for five minutes, then dressed it will Neosporin ointment. The dressings were repeated two or three times but it was amazing how nicely it healed. After about nine days, to a small, smooth red spot. Thought I’d be scarred for life, HA.

I was surprised to read the account of dictionaries in the paper where it told us there was a problem about them in schools.

When I was a kid, the single, eight inches wide volume was a regular part of every classroom. It was on its stand near the windows, using it was in the same category as sharpening a pencil, when you needed it, you just went to the source. There have been so many babies thrown out with the bathwater in our schools today, it’s pitiful.

It was great of the power company to get our lights back on so quickly after the outage-first in the a.m. and later on in the day.         That is one thing that worries me most because I remember how cold I got a couple of years ago when we were without power for so long and many people suffered.

I had to go to my daughters in Bremerton to get warm. My neighbor lost half the roof on a shed and of course the devastation on old City Hall is well known. I hope this doesn’t put the kibosh on its renovation.

(Claire will be signing her book at the Beach Books Store 37 N Edgewood, 3-5 p.m., Nov. 27.)


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