Some say the American middle class is under siege. Another way of looking at the history of the past decade is to note how much money has been spent on foreign wars and the rebuilding of other countries.   

The export of almost $1 trillion in government money to foreign adventures is worth remembering every time we are told that Congress must cut domestic spending.

Republicans want to cut $2 billion in funding for Head Start. Current spending on that program is $7.2 billion. President Obama would raise that to $8.2 billion in the fiscal year whose budget is in contention.

Whether it is spending on the national passenger rail network, public health, scientific research or education, Republicans make us feel guilty for defending spending on America and for Americans. But we are supposed to issue a blank check for spending in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those two wars have been run on a credit cards.  

Billions have been spent with independent contractors who have grown rich on these two wars.

It is grotesque that Republicans propose to make a serious cut to Head Start while refusing to raise taxes to pay for our extraordinary two wars.

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