Her toughness and analytical ability would be an assetFor the first time in many years, the Clatsop County Commission is not the object of alarm or ridicule. The commission has dealt this year with highly significant and contentious matters this year, such as Sunset Beach, in a businesslike way and moved on.

That is not to say that tough choices do not loom ahead. But it is fortunate in this election season not to be watching a county commission that is either disintegrating or is at each others' throats.

There are two commission positions on the ballot. Commissioner Sam Patrick is running unopposed.

Commissioner Bob Green is not running for re-election and last week announced that he will resign from the commission in July. The candidates for his vacated position are Vince Williams and Pat Roberts

Williams has been a Warrenton auto dealer since 1997. He has participated in the Warrenton visioning process and has served on the Warrenton Planning Commission. Williams is especially cordial and genial.

Roberts has worked in an architectural firm. She is self-employed as the owner of an architectural design business. She has served on the Gearhart Landmarks Commission since 1995 as well as the Gearhart Budget Committee since 1996.

Williams is motivated to run by the cumbersome permitting process that he has observed. He makes a compelling argument for streamlining the permitting process.

This is a good pair of candidates. Both are articulate, intelligent and reasonable people. It does not appear that voters could go wrong with either of them.

If Williams is motivated by his experience in trying to make something happen in Warrenton, Roberts' perspective was formed by her skepticism of the prospective condominium development at the Gearhart Golf Course. "I'm not anti-development," she said, "but let's be honest about it." Roberts says that she read the fine print of the condominium deal, listened and learned that the outcome would not be what the developers were promising in public meetings. As a consequence, she helped Gearhart residents unravel the puzzle and avoid a big mistake.

The knack in any hiring decision is to predict whether an applicant will grow and succeed. The county commission can be a cauldron, and that has led some former commissioners to look for the exit. Our surmise is that Roberts has the toughness to serve and would wear well over time. She notes that, "You have to have a thick skin, and you can't take things personally."

We believe Roberts would bring more equipment to the table. Her analytical ability would be an asset to the commission. We recommend her election.