Wednesday afternoon I went to town to mail some letters which had missed my regular pickup. As I approached the location of my favorite drop box, lo and behold-it was empty. Is that it at the newly located box on Columbia Street? At the entrance to the Post Office parking lot? I know the Post Office has been in trouble but why do its changes always seem designed to inconvenience me personally? I used that box all the time.

I was all ready to start sputtering about the traffic lines on Holladay needing paint when someone pulled up and painted our fire hydrant. It looks so much better. When Beth Weaver was in the neighborhood last year, she stopped short of doing the one on 9th Avenue and I kept wanting to nag her. Now that the deed is done, I have no complaints, only compliments. Thanks to the guy who did it.

What is one to do at the light on 12th Avenue? On Roosevelt's east side is a sign that says "Left turn, yield to oncoming traffic." On the west side is a sign that says, "Left turn yield to oncoming traffic." Sounds like an American standoff to me, but I always yield no matter what happens.

Couldn't let the summer go by without commenting on the beauty of dandelions in fields and ditches and along the highway. Not so for the evening primrose which some people actually plant in their yards. I also have lots of a familiar weed whose name I don't know. It has a conical head with sort of a corona of little purple flowers on that. Ordinarily they grow close to the ground.

Last year, I found a patch that had gotten tall. I was about to pick them for a bouquet when a guy who was cutting my grass mowed them down. This year they've been protected so I plan to mix them with dandelions and Yankee clover- blue and yella-kiss your fella.

A friend took me to the Legion club for dinner on Saturday. We had an excellent steak, spud, vegetables and garlic bread. They do a good job at reasonable prices. This dinner was prepared by members of the American Legion. It's too bad more people aren't aware of their satisfying meals. They're a great alternative for visitors who can find out what's cookin' just with a drive-by on East Broadway, across from the City Park. Every now and then you can see old friends there.

My friend, Larry Ziak, sent me several copies of the latest Cumtux magazine, the official publication of the Clatsop County Historical Society. He has written of the history of St. Mary's Hospital School of Nursing which takes up most of the magazine. Several alumnae of that institute of learning helped him in this venture. I was one of them. It was a good experience, involving a lot of back and forth and phone calls and though I've never met Larry, I feel we're good friends. His mother, Mildred Hallock, is pictured on the front cover.

It's always been fun for me to point out errors from time to time in the formulation of this bit of history and pictures are great. If you get a chance to read it, you may discover a lot.

Our dance club was so small the members called it a compact disco.

Claire Lovell lives in Seaside and can be reached at (503) 738-7215.


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