It is wonderful that Warrenton citizens care enough about their school district to get riled up over personnel decisions. Although we all probably made fun of those in high school who decried the great sin of apathy, the fact is that parent apathy erodes educational success. Passionate involvement is good.

By their actions in showing up for countless unpaid and unpraised meetings, school board members care most of all. Recruiting and retaining people for these boards is one of the biggest challenges of civic life.

So while it is gratifying to see some Warrenton residents stirred up enough to attend school board meetings and demanding changes, district voters should think long and hard before mounting a recall effort versus board members who want to replace the superintendent.

Like or dislike their decision, it is the kind of decision they were elected to make. Run against them or vote against them in the next election, if you disagree with their decisions.

Recalls discourage qualified candidates from seeking membership on these thankless local boards. It is one thing to recall a county commissioner for misusing his power in an official capacity, but quite another to recall school board members for a personnel decision under their legal purview.

It's time to calm down and let basic management principles and democracy take their course.