Nearly a year ago we set out on a mission to promote what living in Seaside is like through the eyes of a photograph on a week-to-week basis.

The coastal visitor may come into the area for a few days several times a year, or they may come for a week or two in the summer as their annual getaway. But the ques- tion we asked was how we could create a regular series of breathtaking and activity-based images that might inspire travel to Seaside – or at least keep our beach com- munity top-of-mind.

Using Facebook as the key platform to push this information out, “Seaside Sunday” was first featured on Sunday, April 29, 2012.

The idea all along has been to take a picture during an adventure our staff takes part in sometime over the previous seven days. From walking Broadway to razor clamming, crabbing, checking out one of the car shows, going for a hike or a long bike ride, there really always is something to do in Seaside.

For the first two months this project was strictly photo based. We pushed the same photo out on our Instagram and Twitter feeds, but the goal was to drive engagement (acquiring likes, comments and shares) on Facebook.

Last July, we added a blogging component to the photo. We now attempt to find an activity that we can photograph and then tell a story behind that image.

Now, nearly a year later, we have a collection of close to 50 images and 37 blog posts. Collectively, the images and posts tell a Seaside story that we hope will resonate with the traveler. To check the blog and photos out, go to

Marketing campaign update: Oregon’s North Coast – which combines funds and effort by the Astoria-Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce, Seaside Visitors Bureau and Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce – has been in full-scale promotion mode over the past three-plus weeks.

The spring promotion, which kicked off March 18, ran through last Sunday on KGW-TV.

The campaign featured a 30-second branding spot for two weeks and, during the final few days, 15-second promotional spots encouraged viewers (and KINK-FM listeners) to enter for a chance at winning a dream trip to Oregon’s North Coast. It’s become a project that is riding a huge wave of momentum.

What made this promotion so cool was the level of unity and commitment to showcasing all aspects of the three partner communities.

A “history and adventure” package (based in Astoria), a “family fun” package (based in Seaside) and a “romance and relaxation” package (based in Cannon Beach) all pulled aspects out of each community with dining and activity certificates. The packages helped educate prospective visitors on the multitude of activities someone can participate in regardless of where they are sleeping at night.

A fourth package gave the viewer a chance to create his or her own unique package. To win this package, the main guideline and judging principal was that the dream trip be inclusive of as many elements of the North Coast as possible.

The main objective for the campaign continued to be to drive new and longer trips to Oregon’s North Coast. I’ll update you with a wrap up of the spring campaign in next month’s column.

Jon Rahl, director of tourism marketing for the city of Seaside. Have a thought or a comment based on tourism? Send me an email at Find us on Facebook at SeasideOR.