The article regarding Camp Rosenbaum (The Daily Astorian, July 29) is sensational journalism on par with the National Enquirer.

After reading this article, I doubt families will be eager to send their kids to Camp Rosenbaum, Oregon Youth Authority maybe, Rosenbaum probably not. After all, every child who attends camp is, deprived, unloved, not supported, hungry, abused, disadvantaged, lacking morals and life lessons, unhappy, a victim, sad, neglected and afraid. "Chaos is all they've ever known." With that type of stereotyping, what family would want to send their children to camp?

The most troubling is the identification of the local children attending this camp. How dare this reporter state "that there are people in the world that care about them" alluding these children's parents might not care. And, I certainly hope the word "worn" was meant as a verb and not adjective when describing one child's article of clothing. Besides, what exactly was that point anyway, if not to humiliate, then what, an attempt to evoke pity at the expense of a child?

Over the last five years, I have contacted The Daily Astorian in hopes an article extolling the wonders of Camp Rosenbaum be written. I now regret the article was published and would like to apologize to past and current families for the shame and embarrassment this article caused to my families. The name Camp Rosenbaum should not become a negative stigma.

Every child attending Camp Rosenbaum lives with families receiving rental assistance. However, not every child sent to Camp Rosenbaum lives in perpetual fear and chaos and not every parent is guilty of abuse and neglect. Rental assistance means stable housing and it is not synonymous with "uncertain, unwelcome, scary" environments. For the most part, families from Northwest Oregon Housing Authority's jurisdiction qualify for Camp Rosenbaum because they need the services NOHA has to offer, affordable housing. That is, these families are living in counties favoring tourism which brings low paying, seasonal jobs in areas with metropolitan rentals.

NOHA will continue to send children, each year, to Camp Rosenbaum in spite of this negative article. Camp Rosenbaum is a fantastic opportunity for children. Campers and staff give "110-percent heart." It's too bad this article didn't bestow the same.

Kathy Lucas

Northwest Oregon Housing Authority


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