Donald Allison

I sure had a lot of fun on Wednesday, May 20, shooting photos of Justyce “Jud” Tabor shredding the Seaside skate park. Having grown up skateboarding, I never saw a female skateboarder in person until my junior year in high school, and she was the only one I saw for years.

Fast forward to 1995 at the Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA skate park in Encinitas, Calif., when I was alone skating the huge, metal vert ramp that was shaped like an elbow on an un-crowded afternoon. Some young boys were watching me cruise around when a girl about Justyce’s age asked if she could skate with me. I said, “Sure,” and I stood next to the boys as we watched her fly and grind all over the ramp, looking much better than I did.

One of the boys turned to me and said, “She’s better than you!” I couldn’t help but laugh and be humbled by this young lady skating around the massive ramp with ease and style. I got humbled all over again watching Justyce do the gap from the front bowl to the street park (Page 11), as I’ve seen a few guys try it but no one land it as clean and as far as Jud did. Having not shot photos of skateboarding for quite some time, I messed up the first two photos, and the photo of her that we used was on her third try. Unfortunately, I snapped the photo just as she is letting go of her board and going down. She got much higher at her apex, and I didn’t want to ask her to do it a fourth time!

Because I depend on my fingers and wrists to write, type, and take photos, I can’t risk an injury to my hands, so I keep my skateboarding under a certain threshold so I don’t get hurt. I would love to give it my all, but I’ll just let Jud do it from now on and live vicariously through her!