Developmental Asset Number 8 is "youth as resources." It falls under "external assets" and is in the category of "empowerment." It says that young people should serve useful roles in their school, family and community. This is why I have tried to give the young members of the Skate N’ Ride Committee important jobs to do. By trusting kids with responsibility, you are showing them that you believe in them.

You may remember me writing about Kiri Melugin, who is a sixth grade committee member. This week I will be presenting her with an award at the Clatsop County Commission for Children and Families Youth Recognition Awards Banquet. Mary Blake and I have nominated her for this award due to her continual dedication to the Skate N’ Ride Park Project. Kiri has not only helped at nearly every one of our events, she represented the Committee at the 40 Developmental Assets Seminar in February, and at the SOLV Down by the Riverside Clean Up last Saturday. Kiri has not only become a great role model for others her age, but she has become an inspiration to me and I feel very privileged to call her my friend. She has played a very important role in the Skate N’ Ride Park Project.

Another young girl whom I have had the privilege to get to know through this project is Jourdan Tabor. Jourdan is an eighth grader and is well beyond her years. She will be filling an important role in this project as well. Each week I write the Action Athlete Spotlight. This has been a fun way to give recognition to the kids who have been a big help in the project. I am excited to say that this week, Jourdan will be writing the Action Athlete Spotlight. She will be doing two of them, one on her sister, and one on her brother, both of whom I wrote about in a previous column. Jourdan is 14 years old and likes to write, and I figured that having her fulfill this useful role in the project would be another good way to build assets in a young local person.

If you would like to know how to get involved in the 40 Developmental Assets please feel free to leave a message for me at the Community Center, 738-7393 or if you would like to view the list of all 40 Assets, you can access them at Thanks again for all of those who continue to support the Skate N’ Ride Park Project and our kids!


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