I am a resident of Seaside but am only here in the summer months. Currently I am paying for a 90 gallon garage can at once a month. I am only in Seaside for about 6 months in the summer months and when I am not at the house I am still charged $24.76. I am now considering changing to a 32 gallon can at once a week and then to once a month when I am not at the house. What a racket for WOW to be able to collect on home owners when they are not using the service.

One thing I hope the counsel will consider is that WOW does not have yard debris pick up like we have at our Beaverton home. In the big city we pay $44.26 every 2 months and receive, 60 gallon yard debris pick up every other week, 90 gallon recycle every other week and 32 gallon garbage once a week.

In Seaside I have to put all of my yard debris in my garbage can. I think it is time that WOW start a yard debris program if they expect a pay increase. It is also time for their employees to start paying for part of their own medical costs like everyone else in this country.

Judy Fralia-Mantello


Editor’s Note: The Seaside City Council has the WOW rate request on its June 28 meeting agenda. The Council meets at 7 p.m. at Seaside City Hall, 989 Broadway.

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