To the Editor;

The residents of Seaside may want to preserve some of the unique rookeries and estuaries that give us the pleasure of living amongst great blue herons, eagles, Canada geese, mallards and wild swans. Development in and around Seaside may be threatening the last of the important nesting, feeding, mating, sheltering habitats that support these wild bird populations.

The Seaside Planning Department probably wants to know where these important bird areas are, so they can protect them. In my neighborhood within the city limits, we have a large undeveloped parcel of land, where eagles and great blue herons nest in the tall fir trees. Two years ago a very large 2nd home was built on about 1/3 of that parcel and they cut and bulldozed quite a few tall trees.

The homes of eagles and herons were not protected in my neighborhood and I'm not sure they still nest there. Great Blue Herons build bulky stick structures in trees and refurbish them every spring. Eagles also use the same nests year after year, with only 2 eggs each spring.

I believe the Seaside Planning Department would like to receive letters from Seaside residents, telling exactly where the important areas are for eagles, wild geese, mallards, and swans. These elegant large birds need very specific habitats. Disrupting any part of their natural way of living may be, at this point, a serious threat to the local populations.

A Seaside Greenbelt might be something Seaside residents want to develop as a kind of homeowners insurance for the wonderful wild places, and for the birds we share the area with. Preserving natural habitats that encourage wildlife to coexist near people enhances our wonderful quality of life year round.

Let’s support our Seaside Planning Department to do the right thing for Seaside residents and preserve all important habitats for these wild birds.

Teresa Epstein



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