Warrenton voters have a special opportunity in this election. The Warrenton-Hammond School Board has presented voters with a carefully considered package of repairs for the city's schools.

In last Friday's edition, Jennifer Collins portrayed the deferred maintenance that has led to gaping holes in school roofs and unsafe conditions on the running track. Other needs include a fire and sprinkler system and an energy efficient heating system at the high school, replacement of siding at the grade school, installation of flooring, energy-efficient doors and windows at both schools.

The past 12 years have brought successive contractions in the schools of Clatsop County. At the same time, school districts around Oregon have taken matters into their own hands by passing bond measures to pay for repairs as well as new construction.

The challenge in Warrenton is to gain a double majority. That is, the school district must not only win a majority of the votes cast, but it must get a majority of the district's voters to the polls. The organizers of the Warrenton bond measure have been exceedingly thorough in building support for this proposal. Their case is highly credible.

There is a strong dollars-and-cents logic for passing this $5.2 million bond. If repairs are put off, conditions will deteriorate and the eventual cost will be higher.

We urge Warrenton voters to vote "yes" for Bond 4-86.