A low paving bid allows Astoria to repair more streets than was plannedThe color-coded map in last Friday's edition should please many Astorians. It depicted an extensive plan of road repair that will be carried out through the summer and early fall.

Streets and roads are some of the most basic elements of a town's infrastructure. Transportation is an essential component in the circulatory system that keeps a community running.

A majority of Astorians were wise in November 2002 to pass a streets levy. The proceeds from that assessment are paying for this work. Happily, a low paving bid will allow the city to accomplish more work than it had expected.

Many years ago, cities and states commonly erected signs next to public works projects. They proclaimed "Your tax dollars at work." That practice fell out of fashion, causing a disconnect between the taxpayer and the government that he or she supported.

The city of Astoria is smart to share its streets repair plan with Astorians through the pages of this newspaper. It's important for everyone to know what's happening, especially so they'll know they're getting value for money spent.


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