Contract is available to reporter on follow-up visitA Daily Astorian reporter had no difficulty in obtaining a copy of the Astoria school superintendent's contract.

Astoria District Superintendent Mike Sowder said he has directed his administrators to refer to public records laws and follow those rules when releasing information.

If there is a question regarding the privacy of a student or a staff member, teachers and administrators are advised to call the district office, where staff members will call the school district attorney if no one there knows the answer.

The Astoria School District has written policies in place for disclosing information on personnel, former employees and educational records, and follows those.

Sowder said that while the district doesn't have any regular training on public records laws, teachers and administrators have attended sessions on public records as part of their professional development. He also said that anyone with an administrative license has been trained in public records as part of their education.

Sowder said the district will often get requests for meeting minutes and and budget documents.

The district will charge for copies if there is a substantial amount of information to duplicate, he said.

Requests for other information is less common, however the district has been able to meet those requests.

"I can't think of any records requests we've withheld," Sowder said.

- Leanne Josephson