Justyce Tabor is the first girl skate boarder to be sponsored by the Seaside Surf Shop Skate Team. She also holds the honor of being the first girl skater to drop in at the Seaside Skate Ramp. Here is an exclusive Question and Answer session with Justyce, by her sibling Jourdan, an eighth grade "spotlight" reporter.

Q: How long have you been skateboarding?

A: Since I was nine years old (about one year.)

Q: Where did you first start skate boarding?

A: At first Kennewick, Washington then Walla Walla, Washington, then here in Seaside.

Q: Why do you like skateboarding?

A: You can feel the wind hit your face while you try to balance.

Q: Who taught you how to skate board?

A: Mainly my dad and a little bit of my Uncle Sloan.

Q: What's your favorite trick?

A: A 180 degrees.

Q: So… you're the first girl to be on the SSS Skate Team. How does it feel?

A: It makes me feel like I also support girl skaters, so girl skaters don't feel left out.

Q: Who do you look up to as a skater?

A: Chad Maska and Bam Margera.

Q: What is your favorite type of skate board?

A: Either an Element or an Alva. I have an SSS skateboard and an Alva.

Q: How are you involved with the skating community?

A: I go to meetings and I may help out with the girls' skate camp.

Q: Any embarrassing/ scary moments?

A: Yeah. When I was learning how to drop in (on the skate ramp) I fell down a bunch of times in front of everybody. That was embarrassing and scary.

Q: How far do you want to take skate boarding?

A: As far as I can go.


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