Strikers live up to name in stellar seasonThe Lower Columbia Strikers closed out their U-19 winter soccer season with a pair of victories last weekend to finish with a 9-1 record.

The team - comprised of players from Astoria and Seaside - nailed down first place in the league standings with a 3-1 win over Hillsboro Thunder Saturday, followed by a 9-1 victory over Tualatin Hill United Soccer Club Sunday.

Lower Columbia played without five regular players Saturday at Hare Field in Hillsboro, including goalkeeper Henry Brause, Tony Alcantar, Jose Cruz, Jose Garcia and Rembar Garcia.

Despite playing shorthanded, the Strikers built a 3-0 lead on the Thunder with a first-half goal from Jesse Hinton (directly off a corner kick) and two second-half goals from Nathan Pogue, off assists from Hinton and Peter Springer.

Matt Brause replaced his brother Henry in goal and made several outstanding saves on dangerous shots.

The Strikers overcame a slow start in Sunday's game against Tualatin Hills, but still held a 6-0 halftime lead on first-half goals from Denis Larion, two from Micah Schauermann and three by Pogue.

In the second half, Kevin Speer scored off an assist from Schauermann, with Springer and Pogue adding goals in the final minutes.

Blues take secondESTACADA - The North Coast Volleyball Club 16 Blues fought their way to a second-place finish in the Estacada Open Volleyball Tournament, March 12-13 in Estacada.

The championship match against top-ranked Cascade Excel VBC of Gresham was hard-fought to the end, with neither team being able to pull ahead by more than a few points. In the process, Jewell's Rene Steinweg had the kill of the day, while Warrenton's Justine Marxer turned in an excellent defensive effort, but the Blues finally lost 21-25, 22-25.

The Blues nearly swept their morning pool play, defeating the Wind River VBC in three straight. After losing Game 1 18-25 to the tournament host - the LOCOS VBC - the Blues turned it around with the help of a 12-point serving spree by Brandi Jasmin, while Ashley Poole mounted a devastating cross-court attack from the strong side. The Blues finished off the LOCOS 25-11, 25-15.

Advancing to the quarterfinals, the Blues found themselves locked in a tight battle with the North Clackamas Silver VBC until Amelia Hernandez went on her own seven-point serving tear (with three aces), leading to a 25-18 win in Game 1. Meagan Harn kept the Silvers off balance throughout the match, mixing her sets across the offensive front while adding in the occasional quick dink with a flair.

A kill and a stuff block by Sophie DeWitt in the first two plays of Game 2 set the tone for 25-10 victory, capped off by a kill and a stuff block by Warrenton's LesleAnn Hayward.

In the first game of the semifinals, a determined South Valley VBC team of Eugene dealt the Blues a quick, 16-25 loss. The Blues bounced right back in Game 2 with early kills by Steinweg, Poole and DeWitt. Repeated digs by libero Bridget Nurding and blocks by Hayward and DeWitt led to a 25-6 win.

The Blues jumped out to an 8-3 lead in the match tie-breaker with a service ace by Harn, a kill and two blocks by DeWitt, helping the Blues to a 15-11 win.

"It was a good team effort," said Blues' coach Kris Saulsbury. "Finishing second against this level of competition is a real accomplishment. We paid a price for having to dig ourselves out of a hole twice, against the LOCOS and then again against South Valley. But, all in all, I'm proud of how far we've come. This is a great group of young women."

AHS Alumni Tournament schedule9 a.m.: Three-Peat vs. No-Gaards

10 a.m.: Hackers vs. Slashers

11 a.m.: Oster-Homies vs. Run-N-Gun

Noon: Slashers vs. Bud Light

1 p.m.: Loser G1 vs. Loser G3

2 p.m.: Bud Light vs. Hackers

3 p.m. (Championship): Winner G1 vs. Winner G3


Brandon Olson, 1989

Rich Grimmett, 1989

Rob Niemi, 1989

Eddie Jones, 1990

Aaron Birdeno, 1991

Bob Enloe, 1991

Morgan Stokeld, 1991

Pat O'Brien, 1991


Nate Person, 1992

Mark Cary, 1992

Thor Norgaard, 1992

Kevin Goin, 1992

Ryan Davis, 1994

Andy Rasmussen, 1994

Jeff Sully, 1994

Adrian Birdeno, 1994


Steve Person, 1995

Zach Hiatt, 1995

Derek Osterholme, 1996

Matt Gustafson, 1999

Kiely Bondurant, 2000

Kurtis Birdeno, 2000

Mike Alfsone, 2000

Mark Charlton, 2001


Matt Johnson, 2002

Joe Filori, 2002

Luke Roman, 2002

Dan Kennell, 2003

P.J., 2003

Wil Kancharla, 2003

Joe Kancharla, 2004

James Jasper, 2004

Digger Cokley, 2004

Bud Light

Dan Roberts, 1974

Doug Bowlsby, 1974

John Reiter, 1975

Jack Scroup, 1979

Bob Bugas, 1981

Jim Reiter, 1981

Warren Rasgo, 1981

Pat Jensen, 1982


Dave Roberts, 1971

Randy Law, 1973

Barry Greenberg, 1976

Phil Gauthier, 1978

Pete Gimre, 1979

Greg Backlin, 1980

Joe Tadei, 1984

Gary Mayfield, 1984


Clyde Thompson, 1971

Bill Landwehr, 1971

Jack Marincovich, 1979

Don Swanson, 1979

Al Cabanton, 1980

Andy Marincovich, 1982

Dan Keyser, 1986

Trygve Klepp, 1986

Astoria Golf & Country Club ResultsMarch 13 Breakfast Club

3 on 5's, 2 on 4's, 1 on 3's Stableford

1. Denny Petersen, Ernie Palmrose, Joe Hubbell, Ryan Smith, 99

2. Bob Stewart, Brian Radditz, Preston Devereaux, Tracy Gardner, 98

3. Brady Scott, Darwin Meiners, Stan Gott, blind draw, 95

3. Ed Rippet, Frank Shucka, Earl Rogness, Dave Estola, 95

5. Russ Taggard, Monte Stoughton, Larry Perkins, Denny Thompson, 94

Individual Gross: Jon Kaino 73, Brady Scott 74, Russ Taggard 75, Jamie Ihander 75.

Individual Net: Ernie Palmrose 65, Joe Hubbell 68, Lynn Brigham 68, Ken Olson 68, Dave Estola 68.

K.P. No. 17

0-11: George Mareina

12-18: Steve Scruggs

19-up: Ryan Smith

K.P. No.10

All: Matt Sitser

L.D. No. 18

21-49: Jon Kaino

50-64: DW Gustafson

65-up: Earl Rogness

March 12 Sweeps

3-2-1 Net Stableford

1. Larry Petersen, Joe Hubbell, Mark Gustafson, Jim Stroup, 90

2. Larry Perkins, Russ Taggard, Bob Patton, Blair Henningsgaard, 87

1 Net Ball

Denny Petersen-Mike Hediger 60

Ed Rippet-Bob Bish 60

Rick Gerttula-Mike Hediger 61

Joe Hubbell-Larry Petersen 61

Joe Hubbell-Mark Gustafson 61

Larry Petersen-Jim Stroup 61

Ed Rippet-Fred Hamel 61

Bob Patton-Blair Henningsgaard 61

Peggy Cole-Joanne Hellberg 61

March 16 Men's Stag

Superball, 3 Net Stableford

1. Jim Stroup, Larry Petersen, Mike Hediger, Jerry Wood, 117

2. Dave Hoggard, Patrick Overton, Tom Utti, Roy Latham, 116

3. Bob Bish, Dave Nygaard, Blair Henningsgaard, Dick Gustafson, 112

4. Mark Gustafson, Mike O'Brien, Mike Goin, 109

4. Ed Rippet, Jeff Rippet, Larry Allen, Ralph Dichter, 109

4. Jesse French, Ed Beers, Dennis Sturgell, Gary Angus, 109

Low Net: Larry Petersen 68, Blair Henningsgaard 71, Larry Perkins 72, Bob Bish 72, Roy Latham 72.

Low Gross: Kevin Hertig 75, Randy Heriot 75, Tryan Hartill 77.

K.P. No. 10

0-15: Rich Schroeder

16-up: Roy Latham

K.P. No. 17

0-15: Jesse French

16-up: Vern Keen

L.D. No. 18

21-49: Bob Knutsen

50-64: Brad Junes

65-up: Bob Bish