In a ceremony tinted with sadness following Tuesday night’s game against Scappoose, the Seaside High School girl’s softball team said goodbye to their seniors Ilsa McEwan, Brenna Archibald, Abby Frank, Allie Brady, DJ Koch and Jackie Bermingham. The team also said goodbye to their coach and friend Tom Mauldin, who is retiring this year as softball coach. While disappointed at the results of this season, especially considering their fiery start, Mauldin has made the Seaside softball team a respectable contender and has expected a lot from his players both on and off the diamond.

Tuesday, the Gulls lost their final game 9-0 to first place Scappoose, but the game was not the blowout the score suggests. Up until the seventh inning Scappoose coach Mike Hoag was worried as the Indians had a slim two run lead off a hit that came in the first inning. From the second through the sixth innings both teams battled defensively, with McEwan pitching a solid game for the Gulls, and neither team able to get players across the plate.

The crisis for Seaside came in the seventh inning, however, when Amber Smith of the Indians smacked a home run with two on base. That was just three of a total seven runs Scappoose scored in the inning. To add insult to injury, McEwan came up limp after a strange play when a ball was hit back to her but bounced just beyond her reach, allowing the Scappoose player to reach first. McEwan had to be replaced by McKenzie Bauskie, who finished the game for the Gulls.

"It was a good game for 6 and one-third innings: 2-0, at that time," Mauldin said.

The girls played really well…Scappoose is rated the No. 4 3A team in state and won our league at 12-3. We played them good twice this year, lost earlier 5-0."

"We just seemed snakebit," Mauldin added. "Camille Brady hits a one-hopper to the fence and our runner on base ahead of her (Tosha Adams-Black) falls down rounding second and has to go back to second. Instead of a potential run or at least runners on second and third, we end up with runners on first and second. It makes a big difference strategy-wise, especially against an unbeaten pitcher like Katie Smith. We end up not scoring as our runner was 120 feet from home plate instead of 60 feet. It's part of the game."

Scappoose’s pitcher, Katie Smith had nine strikeouts and effectively silenced the bats of the Gulls on the evening. Altogether, the Indians had nine runs off of nine hits with 1 error, and the Gulls had no runs with two hits and three errors.


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