KNAPPA — Senior Kyle Kelly was named to the first team offense as well as the first team defense, and three other Knappa Loggers were honored on this year’s Class 2A football all-state team, released early this week.

Kelly made the first team offense as a running back, and was named as a linebacker on the first team defense.

Other Loggers selected all-state were seniors Jeff Benthin (second team offensive lineman) and Arashi Pierre (second team defensive lineman); and junior Austin Palek (second team defensive back and honorable mention wide receiver).


Class 2A All-State

Offensive Player of The Year: David Henry, Oakland

Defensive Player of the Year: David Henry, Oakland

Lineman of the Year: Jose Lopez, Gold Beach

Coach of the Year: Ben Lane, Oakland

First Team Offense

QB: Steven Mumford, Jr., Portland Christian

RB: Mark LaCoste, Sr., Central Linn

RB: David Henry, Sr., Oakland

RB: Kyle Kelly, Sr., Knappa

WR: Kraig Pruett, Jr., Waldport

WR: Nathan Mumford, So., Portland Christian

TE: Blake Traeger, Jr., Kennedy

OL: Jose Lopez, Sr., Gold Beach

OL: Nathan Bielenberg, Sr., Kennedy

OL: Trever Walker, Sr., Central Linn

OL: Austin Collins, Sr., Oakland

OL: Mitchell Hoffarth, Sr., Portland Christian

K: Nathan Helgerson, Sr., Portland Christian

First Team Defense

DL: Jose Lopez, Sr., Gold Beach

DL: Trever Walker, Sr., Central Linn

DL: Dylan Crowson, Sr., Monroe

DL: Austin Collins, Sr., Oakland

LB: Mark LaCoste, Sr., Central Linn

LB: Kyle Kelly, Sr., Knappa 

LB: Dennis Dykstra, Sr., Gold Beach

LB: David Henry, Sr., Oakland

DB: Josue Avilez, Jr., Central Linn

DB: Jeb Harper, Jr., Oakland

DB: Nathan Mumford, So., Portland Christian

DB: Luke Burch, Sr., Lost River

P: Curtis Farmer, Sr., Portland Christian

Second Team Offense

QB: Logan O’Hara, Sr., Oakland

RB: John Venegas, Sr., Kennedy

RB: Ryan Comstock, Sr., Oakland

RB: Curtis Farmer, Sr., Portland Christian

WR: Jeb Harper, Jr., Oakland

WR: Luke Burch, Sr., Lost River

TE: Trevor Armstrong, Sr., Oakridge

OL: Tanten Rhoads, Jr., Central Linn

OL: Dylan Crowson, Sr., Monroe

OL: Hayden Snow, So., Oakland

OL: Jeff Benthin, Sr., Knappa

OL: Kyle Staudenmayer, Sr., Lost River

K: Gabe Lievanos, Sr., Lost River

Second Team Defense

DL: Nathan Bielenberg, Sr., Kennedy

DL: Austin Wisenbaker, Sr., Portland Christian

DL: Arashi Pierre, Sr., Knappa

DL: Kyle Staudemeyer, Sr., Lost River

LB: Sam Wismer, Sr., Gaston

LB: Paul Pepelaskov, Sr., Portland Christian

LB: Tanner Stradley, Sr., Lost River

LB: Aidan Wright, Sr., Heppner

DB: Austin Palek, Jr., Knappa

DB: Rayce Houser, Jr., Grant Union

DB: Ryan Comstock, Sr., Oakland

DB: Blu Risseeuw, Sr., Enterprise

P: Trevor Walker, Sr., Central Linn

Honorable Mention Offense

QB: TJ Fisher, Sr., Waldport

RB: Jeremiah Grieser, Jr., Regis

RB: Blake Hull-Pitcher, Sr., Monroe

RB: Sam Wismer, Sr., Gaston

RB: Dillon Nowak, Sr., Lost River

RB: Chandler O’Grady, Jr., Lost River

RB: Corey Baros, Sr., Stanfield

WR: Isaac Tully, Sr., Monroe

WR: Austin Palek, Jr., Knappa

WR: Blu Risseeuw, Sr., Enterprise

TE: John Wolfe, Sr., Vernonia

OL: Kyler Martin, Sr., Waldport

OL: Daniel Glaede, Jr., Kennedy

OL: Tristan Ivie, Sr., Oakridge

OL: Jordan DeLay, Jr., Gaston

OL: Dillon Smith, Sr., Lost River

OL: Kyle Sonnevil, Sr., Gold Beach

OL: Michael Martinez, Sr., Stanfield

OL: Bryce Fowler, Sr., Heppner

K: Robby Ballentine, Jr., Waldport

Honorable Mention Defense

DL: Ben Olson, Jr., Oakridge

DL: Kyle Sonnevil , Sr., Gold Beach

DL: Jordan DeLay, Jr., Gaston

DL: Nick Pease, Sr., Weston McEwen

LB: Matt Clark, Sr., Waldport

LB: Anthony Blackstone, Sr., Central Linn

LB: Chandler O’Grady, Jr., Lost River

LB: Tucker Wright, Sr., Heppner

DB: Kraig Pruett, Jr., Waldport

DB: Issac Tully, Sr., Monroe

DB: Austin Morey, Jr., Gaston 

DB: Adan Madera, Sr., Bonanza

DB: Dillon Nowak, Sr., Lost River

P: Hayden Snow, So., Oakland


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