SCAPPOOSE — The fourth-ranked Class 4A girls soccer team in the state found itself facing their biggest Cowapa League challenge of the season Monday night.

The Scappoose girls entered their home game against Astoria having outscored the rest of the Cowapa League 44-0 the first half of the season. But the Lady Fish pulled off the surprise of the night in girls soccer as Astoria scored one of its greatest 0-0 ties in the history of the program.

“(The Indians) certainly dominated the game, but I’m not going to take anything away from our girls,” said Astoria coach Jerry Boisvert. “They did an absolutely phenomenal job.

“I’m not sure how we got through the first half without allowing a goal,” he said. “That was our goal coming in, to not allow a score in the first half. Then once we made it to halftime, we just said, ‘If we did it in the first half, why not do it again in the second?’”

Astoria marked the Indians’ talented Ariel Viera with Katie Leino, while Fishermen goalkeeper Katie Russell made “eight to 12 big time saves,” Boisvert said. “It was really a great team effort, and a great job by our defense.”


Astoria had just one shot on goal, although “we pushed it into their zone a lot more than we did the last game,” Boisvert said, referring to Astoria’s 8-0 loss to Scappoose in the first meeting, Sept. 29.

“It’s not a win, but considering that (Scappoose) outscored the rest of the league 44-0, a tie feels really nice,” Boisvert said. “We did a fantastic job, and hopefully we can feed off this confidence and build some momentum.”

Astoria plays Seaside at 6 p.m. Wednesday in the Clatsop Clash at H.H. Snow Volunteer Field.