Lower Columbia 12-year-old all-stars

The Lower Columbia 12-year-old All-Star baseball team.

Clatsop County’s next generation of state championship high school baseball players will play for a regional title this weekend, when the Lower Columbia 12-year-old All-Stars travel to Kennewick, Washington.

The Pacific Northwest region tournament for Cal Ripken League 12s will take place Thursday through Saturday at Cooper Larson Field in Kennewick.

The Lower Columbia squad, with players from Astoria, Knappa, Naselle and the Long Beach area, is one of eight teams in the tournament, and one of four in the National Division.

Lower Columbia will open play at 9 a.m. Thursday against a team from Puyallup, Washington.

Lower Columbia All-Stars

1 Teagan Birdeno (Astoria)

3 Jack Strange (Naselle)

5 Jacob Lindstrom (Naselle)

7 Cayden Wray (Knappa)

9 Hudson Greenfield (Chinook)

10 Jacob Klepp (Astoria)

22 Kayden Cardinha (Ilwaco)

23 Karson Casper (Knappa)

24 Will Hofmann (Astoria)

44 Diego Hernandez (Ilwaco)

77 Corbin Johnson (Naselle)

88 Jacob Gordon (Long Beach)

99 Kane Perry (Astoria)


2 Rob Greenfield (Chinook)

4 Adrian Birdeno (Astoria)

Gary Henley is a sports reporter for The Astorian. Contact him at 503-861-8493 or ghenley@dailyastorian.com.

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