A blue wave

The Blue Jays are in search of personal records this season.

The goals for Jewel cross-country this season? Pretty simple and straightforward, according to head coach Hailee Wawro.

“Our goals this season are to achieve PR's (personal records) throughout, shake up the school record list and achieve a team GPA of 3.5 or better.”

No problem, right?

On their current roster of just four runners, Wawro and the Blue Jays have a good mix of youth and experience for a 1A school.

“Returning this year is sophomore Alivia Swearingen, who has our women's school record in sight this season,” Wawro said. “She is striving to knock Gabi Morales to second place by beating her 25:16 time.

“Alivia's PR is currently 26:06, so she is within a minute,” she said.

Swearingen ran her 26:06 in last year's district meet, which was a 3A/2A/1A combined meet for the girls, with Swearingen placing fourth as a freshman, out of 11 runners.

Elsewhere, Chase Swearingen returns as a senior, “looking to PR and start his senior year at Jewell off right,” Wawro said. “Logan Payne (So.) is also returning, looking forward to a whole season and some PR's.”

Nicholas Nikander is a first-year runner for the Blue Jays, “and ready to see what he is made of,” said the coach.

Gary Henley is a sports reporter for The Astorian. Contact him at 503-861-8493 or ghenley@dailyastorian.com.

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