The two teams that dominated Northwest League football this season also dominated the NWL’s all-league selections, as voted on by the league’s coaches.

Released this week, the Northwest all-League team included a long list of Knappa and Warrenton players.

The Loggers and Warriors walked away with all the top Player of the Year awards, while 21 of the 27 first team positions went to either Knappa or Warrenton players.

Knappa’s Aaron Barendse picked up the Coach of the Year honor.

Knappa senior Eli Takalo was first team quarterback and the league’s Offensive Player of the Year; Logger junior Jaxson Goodman was Defensive Player of the Year and Defensive Lineman of the Year; and Knappa junior Kanai Phillip was named Offensive and Defensive Back of the Year.

Warrenton sophomore Sam Irwin was selected as the Offensive Lineman of the Year.

Every quarterback, running back and receiver on the first team offense was from Knappa or Warrenton, and four of the five offensive linemen were Loggers or Warriors.

Warrenton senior Kenzie Ramsey was the league’s Placekicker of the Year.

The complete Northwest all-League football team

Offensive Player of the Year: Eli Takalo, Knappa

Defensive Player of the Year: Jaxson Goodman, Knappa

Coach of the Year: Aaron Barendse, Knappa

Offensive Lineman: Sam Irwin, Warrenton

Defensive Lineman: Jaxson Goodman, Knappa

Offensive Back: Kanai Phillip, Knappa

Defensive Back: Kanai Phillip, Knappa

First Team Offense

QB: Eli Takalo, Sr., Knappa RB: Cameron Miethe, Jr., Knappa RB: Devin Jackson, Sr., Warrenton RB: Hordie Bodden Bodden, So., Warrenton WR: Kanai Phillip, Sr., Knappa WR: Austin Little, Sr., Warrenton TE: Blake Mazurowski, Sr., PC OL: Jaxson Goodman, Sr., Knappa OL: Ryson Patterson, Sr., Knappa OL: Mark Warren, Sr., Warrenton OL: Sam Irwin, Jr., Warrenton OL: Travis Bennett, Jr., NKN K: Kenzie Ramsey, Sr., Warrenton Returner: Kanai Phillip, Sr., Knappa

First Team Defense

DL: Jaxson Goodman, Sr., Knappa DL: Ryson Patterson, Sr., Knappa DL: Travis Bennett, Jr., NKN DL: Sam Irwin, Jr., Warrenton LB: Ben Hurliman, Sr., Nestucca LB: Jake Morrow, Sr., Warrenton LB: Devin Jackson, Sr., Warrenton LB: Cameron Miethe, Jr., Knappa DB: Kanai Phillip, Sr., Knappa DB: Devin Hoover, Jr., Knappa DB: Austin Little, Sr., Warrenton DB: Tyler Hagerty, Jr., Nestucca P: Dakota Guild, Sr., PC

Second Team Offense

QB: Jake Morrow, Sr., Warrenton RB: Jaden Dolan, So., Gaston RB: Calvin Clapshaw, Sr., Vernonia RB: Jaysson Swirtz-Ferdig, So., Nestucca WR: Devin Hoover, Jr., Knappa WR: Eric Lambert, Sr., NKN TE: Skyler Wallace, So., Nestucca OL: Kaleb Roe, Sr., Knappa OL: Nolan Helgerson, Jr., PC OL: Jett Johnston, Sr., NKN OL: Conner Cook, Sr., Nestucca OL: German Munoz, Jr., Nestucca K: Ryson Patterson, Sr., Knappa Returner: Hordie Bodden Bodden, So., Warrenton

Second Team Defense DL: Kaleb Roe, Sr., Knappa DL: Triston Scott, Jr., Warrenton DL: Mark Warren, Sr., Warrenton DL: Juan Ozuna, Jr., Nestucca LB: Andrew Pedersen, Sr., Knappa LB: Blake Mazurowski, Sr., PC LB: Cutter Barklow, Sr., Vernonia LB: Dylan Tallent, So., Gaston DB: Kyle Wicklander, Sr., PC DB: Forrest Burlingham, Jr., Gaston DB: Eric Lambert, Sr., NKN P: Ryson Patterson, Sr., Knappa

Honorable Mention Offense

QB: Kyle Wicklander, Sr., PC QB: Ben Hurliman, Sr., Nestucca RB: Austin Liesegang, So., Gaston RB: Elijah Thompson, Sr., Vernonia RB: Jacob Waldron, Sr., NKN WR: Destin Donaldson, Sr., NKN WR: Gunnar Harral, Sr., Vernonia TE: Jason Ruiz, So., Gaston OL: Elijah Bryant-Wall, Sr., Gaston OL: Triston Scott, Jr., Warrenton K: Leonardo Corbetta, Sr., Vernonia Returner: Calvin Clapshaw, Sr., Vernonia

Honorable Mention Defense

DL: Kent Pieper, Sr., NKN DL: Dustin Carreon, Sr., Vernonia DL: Kirk Mazurowski, So., PC DL: John Garner, So., Gaston DL: Skyler Wallace, So., Nestucca LB: Kienon Klepper, Sr., NKN LB: Camren DePue, Sr., Vernonia LB: Mychal Kelly, Sr., NKN LB: Nahum Mondragon, Sr., Nestucca LB: Nicolas Pior, Jr., Warrenton LB: Trevor Ogier, So., Knappa

Gary Henley is a sports reporter for The Astorian. Contact him at 503-861-8493 or

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