Clatsop County residents and Jiu-Jitsu competitors Michelle Johnson and Jacoby Marshall both won double gold at this year’s Portland International Open, held Sunday at the Viking Pavilion in Portland.

Johnson took first in two categories, winning the adult purple heavyweight class, defeating Rebecca Louise Gonzalez in the final.

And she won the Open class as well, with a semifinal victory over Staccia Li Ann Greenwell, then a win over Kenna Benesh-Bradford in the championship.

Marshall also placed first in two divisions. He won the Master 2/super-heavy class, and he finished first ahead of Trevor Wesley in the Open class.

Marshall’s first match in the Open competition was against Marcio Dos Santos from Brazil.

“He was very athletic,” Marshall said. “We had a few times in the match where he kinda tossed me around. Which was fine by me. I was there to move around and have fun.

“When all the dust settled about two minutes into the battle, I solidified ‘side-control,’ and set up a ‘Rickson’ choke for another submission.”

In the finals, Wesley outweighed Marshall by nearly 40 pounds.

“We had a few scrambles that ended up with me in side control,” Marshall said of the match. The referee stopped the bout momentarily, when Wesley’s coaches claimed a scoring error.

In the meantime, “I was able to just lay on (Wesley) and rest while they straightened things out,” Marshall said. “They took two points away from me, for some reason unbeknownst to me. I knew where we were in the match, and when I saw them adjust the score, I got so focused because I was irate with his coaches.

“At that point I knew I was going to smash him and make his life miserable until he made a mistake,” he said. “When he posted an arm while in side control, I locked up a ‘Kimura’ and finished him with plenty of time left.”

Marshall had support from local sponsors, “and of course my professors/team at Adamson Brothers in Seaside,” he said. “My goals are to compete a few more times this year and hopefully stay healthy enough to keep showing up every day, help my team and keep working at getting better by one percent every day.”

Johnson and Marshall were both competing for Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu, and train under coaches Nathan and Zachary Adamson, who said “the whole competition team is really motivated and training hard for the Pan American Championships next month in Los Angeles.”

Gary Henley is a sports reporter for The Daily Astorian. Contact him at 503-861-8493 or

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