Oregon Coast Invitational

Final results

Grand Champions

Championship flight: Jon Holzgang def. Anthony Arvidson. Semifinals: Holzgang def. Jay Ross; Arvidson def. Rex Puterbaugh.

First flight: Patrick Wood def. Daniel Terrell. Semifinals: Wood def. Dan Magner; Terrell def. Austin Carnese.

Second flight: Matthew Tennant def. A.J. Shepard. Semifinals: Shepard def. Nicolas Mulflur; Tennant def. Stu Gerrish.

Third flight: Micah Warren def. Ryan Pienovi. Semifinals: Pienovi def. Jeff Borlaug; Warren def. Ted Ferguson.

Fourth flight: Peyton Stage def. Franklin Gauntz. Semifinals: Stage def. Arlyn Maldonado; Gauntz def. Mike T. Whitty.

Fifth flight: Damon Grant def. Josh Froude. Semifinals: Froude def. Christian Austen; Grant def. Robert Dickey.


Championship flight: Gretchen Johnson def. Lara Tennant. Semifinals: Johnson def. Amanda Jacobs; Tennant def. Cappy Mack.

First flight: Ali Battaglia def. Joey Ringwald. Semifinals: Battaglia def. Robin Endres; Ringwald def. Theresa Floten.


Championship flight: Jim Alder def. Jim Parks. Semifinals: Alder def. Kurt Payne; Parks def. Henry Emmerson.

First flight: Jeffrey Renner def. Tim Kerr. Semifinals: Renner def. Steve Roos; Kerr def. Ric Huewe.

Second flight: Peter Howe def. Steve Fordney. Semifinals: Fordney def. Allan Laplante; Howe def. Scott Stage.

Third flight: Jon Sherman def. John Mangan. Semifinals: Sherman def. Storm Floten; Mangan def. Doug Edwards.

Fourth flight: Jim Fromer def. Rick Campbell. Semifinals: Fromer def. Rick Wessell; Campbell def. Brian Pienovi.

Fifth flight: Andy Gauntz def. Tim Regan. Semifinals: Gauntz def. Dennis McAuliffe; Regan def. Tony Magden.


Championship flight: Tom Mulflur def. Bret Stevens. Semifinals: Stevens def. Paul Gulick; Mulflur def. Randy Heriot.

First flight: Michael Healy def. Bill Bristol. Semifinals: Bristol def. John McGowan; Healy def. Jesse French.

Second flight: Walter Yeaw def. Jim Whittemore. Semifinals: Whittemore def. Robb Cason; Yeaw def. Tal Gohl.

Third flight: Bill Hurst def. Chad Fleischman. Semifinals: Fleischman def. Mike Naimo; Hurst def. Rick Fordney.

Fourth flight: John Dunkin def. B.K. Srinivasan. Semifinals: Dunkin def. Michael Ivory; Srinivasan def. Scott Ehlen.

Fifth flight: Mike O'Brien def. Ron Church. Semifinals: O'Brien def. Daniel Evans; Church def. Thomas Kim.

Women's Seniors

Championship flight: Mary Jacobs def. Wendy Storlie. Semifinals: Storlie def. Zeta Rennie; Jacobs def. Dotty Johnson.

First flight: Terry Mattson def. Lori Petersen. Semifinals: Mattson def. Donna Kinsel; Petersen def. Liz Cronin.

Second flight: Kathleen Casey def. Barb Sloan. Semifinals: Sloan def. Pat Fuller; Casey def. Leslie Bickmore.

Third flight: Debby Gerrish def. Inja Kim. Semifinals: Gerrish def. Susan Bartholomew; Kim def. Pat Miller.

Super Seniors

Championship flight: Gaylord Davis def. Jack Cartwright. Semifinals: Davis def. Michael Terrell; Cartwright def. John Lewis.

First flight: Jon Palmberg def. Fred Hamel. Semifinals: Palmberg def. Darwin Meiners; Hamel def. George Mack Sr.

Second flight: Gordon Harris def. Terry Rosenau. Semifinals: Rosenau def. Joe Patrick; Harris def. John Mayer.

Third flight: Lang Bates def. Mark Branlund. Semifinals: Branlund def. Clifford Fick; Bates def. Craig Honeyman.

Fourth flight: Jeffrey Dehn def. Rob Swingle. Semifinals: Swingle def. Steve Ariens; Dehn def. Brooke Benz.

Fifth flight: John Holmes def. Ken Kadera. Semifinals: Kadera def. Mike Capri; Holmes def. Dale Lumpkin.

Sixth flight: Thomas Carter def. Wayne Spencer. Semifinals: Carter def. O. Jay Merrill; Spencer def. Ron Leland.

Seventh flight: Tom Stearns def. Robert Sznewajs. Semifinals: Stearns def. Jim Hauck; Sznewajs def. Marty Sells.

Eighth flight: Steven Ramos def. Tom Hageman. Semifinals: Hageman def. Peter Goforth; Ramos def. Larry Grant.

Ninth flight: Anthony Rennie def. Jerry Briggs. Semifinals: Briggs def. Chuck Martin; Rennie def. Albert Carder.


West Albany 7, Warrenton 0

W.Albany 301 021 0—7 6 1

Warrenton 000 000 0—0 2 7

Reynolds, Javage (4), Phillips (7) and Mathios, Burke (5); Jackson, Falls (7) and Morrow. W: Reynolds. L: Jackson. RBI: WA, Mathios 2, Phillips 2, Burke, Hendrickson, Marshall. 2B: WA, Mathios 2, Marshall, Phillips; War, Little. 3B: WA, Phillips. HBP: WA, Javage. LOB: West Albany 9, Warrenton 5.

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