As expected, Seaside senior Alexander Teubner was voted as the Offensive Player of the Year for the Cowapa All-League football team, while two coaches hoping to meet one more time on the field — Cole Linehan of Banks and Jeff Roberts of Seaside — were named as the league’s Coaches of the Year.

Senior Hayden Gobel of Banks was selected as the Defensive Player of the Year, and the league champion Braves led the league with 13 total all-league selections.

With the possibility of three more games, Teubner could rush for over 2,000 yards and score 40 touchdowns this season.

The Gulls had three offensive linemen, two running backs and quarterback Payton Westerholm on the first-team offense.

Astoria had three receivers on the all-league squad — seniors Ian Hunt and Justin Villa (first team) and senior Josh Olson (second team).

The complete Cowapa All-League team:

Offensive Player of the Year: Alex Teubner, Seaside

Defensive Player of the Year: Hayden Gobel, Banks

Coaches of the Year: Cole Linehan, Banks; Jeff Roberts, Seaside

First Team Offense

QB: Hayden Vandehey, Sr., Banks

QB: Payton Westerholm, Sr., Seaside

RB: Jeff Larsen, Sr., Molalla

RB: Chris Silveira, Sr., Tillamook

RB: Alex Teubner, Sr., Seaside

RB: Duncan Thompson, Sr., Seaside

C: Travis Fenton, Sr., Seaside

C: Josiah Hirsch, Sr., Astoria

C: Andrew Nichols, Jr., Banks

G: Michael Horton, Sr., Tillamook

G: Isaias Jantes, Sr., Seaside

G: Henry Samuelson, Sr., Astoria

T: Isaac Flemmer, Sr., Valley C.

T: Paxson VanNortwick, Sr., Seaside

TE: Blake Gobel, Sr., Banks

WR: Michael House, Sr., Molalla

WR: Ian Hunt, Sr., Astoria

WR: Blake Markham, Sr., Banks

WR: Justin Villa, Sr., Astoria

K: Jacob Slifka, Jr., Banks

First Team Defense

DL: Bo Edwards, Sr., Molalla

DL: Dylan Ploghoft, Sr., Astoria

DL: Risdon White, Jr., Banks

LB: Bryson Cook, Jr., Banks

LB: Tommy Cruz, Sr., Tillamook

LB: Ricardo Gatica, Sr., Molalla

LB: Hayden Gobel, Sr., Banks

LB: Balan Kolee, Sr., Astoria

LB: Cade Napoli, Sr., Valley C.

LB: Josiah Ochoa, Sr., Banks

LB: Gio Ramirez, Sr., Seaside

LB: Caleb Werner, Sr., Tillamook

DB: Kaleb Boomer, Jr., Tillamook

DB: Blake Markham, Sr., Banks

DB: Gabe Streblow, Jr., Banks

DB: Alex Teubner, Sr., Seaside

P: Kaleb Boomer, Jr., Tillamook

Second Team Offense

QB: Matt Silveira, Sr., Tillamook

RB: Niko Caruana, Sr., Astoria

RB: Luis Macias, Sr., Tillamook

C: Dawson McKibbin, Sr., Tillamook

T: Walker Copley, Jr., Banks

T: Dylan Meyer, Sr., Seaside

OL: Brady Laccino, So., Molalla

TE: Landon Werner, Sr., Tillamook

WR: Josh Olson, Sr., Astoria

Second Team Defense

DL: Ben Carpenter, Sr., Astoria

DL: David Merry, Sr., Astoria

DL: Perry Reeder, Jr., Tillamook

DT: Tyler Exline, So., Banks

LB: Michael Moore, So., Astoria

LB: Damian Pingo, Jr., Molalla

DB: George Eisenhardt, So., Valley C.

DB: Brayden Johnson, Jr., Seaside

DB: Silverio Lopez, Sr., Molalla

DB: William Schulthies, Jr., Valley C.

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