Jessica Garrigues Seaside softball

Seaside softball coach Jessica Garrigues will step away from her head coaching duties in 2021 before returning in 2022.

The Seaside softball team is looking for its seventh head coach since 2015.

Jessica Garrigues, who coached the 2019 season, will remain on the coaching staff, but will step away from her head coaching duties for one year while on parental leave.

The announcement will be made official at Tuesday’s Seaside School District Board of Directors virtual meeting.

Garrigues posted on the Seaside softball Facebook page, “Since I will be on parental leave during our season and my district contract does not allow for school district employees to coach while on leave, I am forced to step out of my head coach role for the year.”

Garrigues will still be listed as a volunteer coach on the Seaside roster.

“I will be there several times a week once I recover from childbirth and settle into a routine with ‘Baby G,’” she said. “Please know that my needing to technically ‘step down’ does not reflect my commitment to Seaside softball and all that we have built over the last several years.”

Garrigues and the Gulls won the last time they set foot on the field, a 5-4 victory over Warrenton to close out the 2019 season. Seaside finished 5-19 overall, 1-11 in the Cowapa League. The Gulls were 8-13 (3-12 in league) in 2018.

Garrigues was named the Seaside coach in April 2019, taking over for Darren Ideue, who took over for Korie Blacker, who replaced co-coaches Jon Hotchkiss and Bill Westerholm, after Jen Glasson stepped down after the 2015 season.

Assuming there is a 2021 season, the next Seaside coach will be an interim coach.

“I will be stepping back into the head coach role next season (2022), and we have a plan in place for this season,” Garrigues said.

“We have lots to accomplish this season and in the future, and we have plans in place to make that happen … not simply promises and hopes. Stay on the lookout for our continued growth.”

In other news, Isaias Jantes will be named coach for the Seaside football freshman team.

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