London O'Brien, Warrenton softball

London O’Brien is back and throwing heat for the Warrenton softball team.

Baseball has its own rich and storied history in Clatsop County.

But look out — Clatsop County softball teams are stepping to the plate this spring, and there’s a few teams ready to knock the 2023 season out of the ballpark.

Shelby Bruney, Astoria softball

A long fly ball by Astoria’s Shelby Bruney was foul by just a few feet in a previous playoff game.

Nayomi Holmstedt, Astoria softball

There was heavy traffic on the base path in this playoff. Stayton’s Abigail Archuleta, center, was called out for runner’s interference in front of Astoria shortstop Nayomi Holmstedt, right.

Hailey Hughes, Seaside softball

Seaside softball player Hailey Hughes.