Volleyball: Northwest LeagueMVP: Kelsey Hill, Portland Christian

Coach of the Year: Alex Tarin, Portland Christian

Sportsmanship Award: Warrenton

First Team

Kelsey Hill, Portland Christian

Leila Cuison, Corbett

Kim Hill, Portland Christian

Amy Henley, De La Salle

Abby Schuldheisz, Portland Lutheran

Melissa Bennett, Neah-Kah-Nie

Second Team

Jessica Helfrich, Corbett

Rachel McCain, Portland Christian

Kayla MacKinnon, De La Salle

Jacque Jacobson, Neah-Kah-Nie

Meagan Harns, Knappa

Nadra Evans, Knappa

Third Team

Amy LeBrun, Portland Lutheran

Brittany Jenkins, De La Salle

Eun Yu, Portland Lutheran

Paige Montgomery, Portland Chr.

Kali Knudson, Neah-Kah-Nie

Kristin Cota, Vernonia

Honorable Mention

Stacey Stockton, Neah-Kah-Nie

Stacey Grey, Corbett

Kasha Klauser, Knappa

Alex Lyons, Clatskanie

Amanda Craig, Clatskanie

Whitney Johnson, Warrenton

Lesleann Hayward, Warrenton

Kerstin Brixey, Vernonia

Chelsey Chandler, Riverdale

Erin Anderson, Portland Adventist

Soccer: District 1 GirlsMVP: Jessica Tsao, OES

Coach of the Year: Scott Sagar, Oregon Episcopal

Sportsmanship Award: Portland Christian

First Team

Jessica Tsao, So., OES

Julia Steinberger, Sr., Catlin Gabel

Chelsea Brack, Jr., OES

Micah Cerelli, Jr., Seaside

Susie Greenbaum, Sr., Catlin Gabel

Lauren Eyler, So., OES

Abby Frank, Jr., Seaside

Maia Fastabend, Jr., Astoria

Tryn Espelien, Sr., Scappoose

Becky Davies, Sr., Catlin Gabel

Karie Baldwin, Sr., Rainier

Beth Smith, Sr., Rainier

GK-Mary Warrington, Jr., OES

GK-Julie Nelson, Jr., Seaside

Second Team

Sarah Hayes, Sr., OES

Krissi Kuni, So., OES

Julia Carr, Sr., Catlin Gabel

Stephanie Chesnut, Jr., Seaside

Corina Gabbert, Jr., Catlin Gabel

Jodi Symonds, Sr., Seaside

Alisha Niemann, Sr., Astoria

Jessica Witt, Jr., Rainier

Shannon Mullican, So., Scappoose

Allie Brady, Jr., Seaside

Lisa Schiedler, Sr., Rainier

Kayla Delaschmitt, Sr., Scappoose

GK-Nancy Cessna, Sr., Rainier

Cowapa League GirlsPlayer of the Year:Micah Cerelli, Seaside


Micah Cerelli, Jr., Seaside

Abby Frank, Jr., Seaside

Maia Fastabend, Jr., Astoria

Karie Baldwin, Sr., Rainier

Tryn Espelien, Sr., Scappoose


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