WARRENTON — It’s a wide-open race for the championship this year, in the Women’s Division of the Oregon Coast Invitational.

The 102nd annual tournament continued with the second day of match play Tuesday at the Astoria Golf & Country Club, where golfers in the Women’s, Seniors and Super Seniors hit the links under sunny skies.

With a couple of key names missing from the Women’s field, the only golfer in the championship flight with an OCI title is Cappy Mack Gray – and it’s been 10 years since the former Duck won the Coast.

Defending champion Kat Gerrish had a baby in the offseason and is not competing this year, and neither is Lara Mack Tennant, the eight-time OCI champion (1990, 1992, 1994, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010).

And that leaves a balanced field of competitors, which is down to eight after Tuesday’s round.

Gray has been runner-up a few times since last winning in 2002 and has earned medalist honors several times, including this year’s qualifying round, when she won a three-hole playoff with sister Nikki Mack.

Another golfer to watch is Katie Sturgell, competing in her third OCI, after reaching the semifinals in each of her first two Coast tournaments.

Sturgell, who golfed at Astoria High School as Katie Cokley, defeated Sybil Giddings in match play Tuesday, while Gray topped Mary Jacobs. Nikki Mack also won her first-round match over Terry Mattson and will face Sturgell in a quarterfinal Thursday, with a 1:20 p.m. tee time. Gray will be matched with Sue Moran, also in the 1:20 group.

“With Kat and Lara both out, it is definitely a whole new look out there,” Sturgell said. “But I think Nikki is playing just as well as anybody. And Sue played great today.”

Sturgell added, “I hit the ball awesome today, and also made a nice putt on No. 8 to save par. I just tried to play consistent golf, and I think if I play the same way Thursday, I’ll do OK.”

Sturgell was 6-up through nine holes in Tuesday’s round.

In other action Tuesday, winners in the Seniors championship flight bracket included Mike Graham and Russ Taggard, while defending champion Bill Weed opened with a win in the Super Seniors division, as did Rob Swingle, Ed Ulman, George Mack Sr. and Bob Stewart.

Action continues today through Saturday at the Astoria Golf & Country Club.


Oregon Coast Invitational

Tuesday’s Results


Championship Flight: Cappy Mack Gray def. Mary Jacobs; Sue Moran def. Ali Battaglia; Donna Kinsel def. Wanda Osgood; Mary Swingle def. Sally Brands; Nikki Mack def. Terry Mattson; Katie Sturgell def. Sybil Giddings; Becky Bauer def. Dotty Johnson; Marcia Walsh def. Cheryl Wessell.

Second Flight: Caroline Hinckley def. Kathy Hubbard; Joyce Benson def. Melissa Larson; Kristin Finnegan def. Diana Butler; Marie Van DeMark def. Victoria Taylor; Marcia Wolly def. Christine McClave; Nan Bode def. Barb Sloan; Peggy Wobbrock def. Carol Beaman; Hillary McNeill def. Pat Fuller.

Fourth Flight: Beth Clark def. Jerry Bridwell; Luanne Fordney def. Dicey Brinck; Kathleen Casey def. Sherry McNamara; Barbara Sue Seal def. Debby Gerrish; Penny Stephenson def. Gretchen O’Connell; Kathy Martin def. Debbie Underwood; Jody Orrell def. Lavonna Gorforth; Joey Ringwald def. Christine Mendiola.

Sixth Flight: Ann Schray def. Carol Ann Carnese; Cindy Darracott def. Marilyn Gilbaugh; Donna Woodson def. Hilary Gerrish; Mary Wohler def. Stephanie Middleton; Lori Petersen def. Sara Kuiper; Barbara Mesher def. Leslie Hoffer; Suzanne Casey def. Sue Ann Bearden; Manisse Newell def. Catherine Petersen.


Championship Flight: Ray Grubbs def. Dan Ryan; Scott Driscoll def. Bill Bristol; Terry Rosenau def. John Lewis; Stan Rotenberg def. Lang Bates; Mike Graham def. Dale Lumpkin; Jim Puterbaugh def. Jim Whittemore; Russ Taggard def. Jeff Leinassar; T.K. Stephens def. Rick Abrahamson.

Second Flight: Mick Piper def. Jon Woodson; Greg Marshall def. Dave Butler; Lloyd Robinson def. Craig Honeyman; Bill Brooks def. Marshall Gleason; John Savage def. Steve Hart; Evans Van Buren def. Scott Terrall; Harold Buell def. Jeff Wohler.

Fourth Flight: Sidney Starr def. Jeff Day; John Mayer def. Darcy Bjork; Wayne Spencer def. John Maier; Vic Horgan def. Jeff Daly; O.T. Millsap def. Roy Latham; Mike Millette def. John Lansing; Jerry Romano def. Brooke Benz; Steve Moore def. Michael Clark.

Sixth Flight: Jeff Kauttu def. Herb Sundby; Steve Werts def. Michael McNamara; Gary Hanson def. Russell Betts; Gary Clunas def. Chris Hayward; Chuck Taylor def. Tom Stearns; Jim Hauck def. Tom Hageman; Scott Peterson def. Ken Kadera; Louis Libby def. Chuck Carnese.

Super Seniors

Championship Flight: John Dunkin def. Jon Palmberg; Rob Swingle def. Tom Bearman; Ed Ulman def. Joe Patrick; George Mack, Sr. def. Bill DeBillis; Bill Weed def. Peter Goforth; Bob Stewart def. Milt Lankton; Ron Nakata def. Fred Hamel; Tom Carter def. Greg Byrne.

Second Flight: Mike Kuratli def. Jarrett Jones; Bill Scharwatt def. John Garofalo; Bob Canessa def. John Young; Brian Rice def. Larry Veltman; Steve Ariens def. Frank Bearden; John Holmes def. Paul Kauttu; Doug Ragen def. Nick Staropoli; Ted Cronin def. Fred Bowen.

Fourth Flight: Larry Perkins def. Andrew Kerr; Stanley Gott def. Peter Naimo; Garry Kahn def. Ron Ragen; Dave Palmberg def. Mort Zalutsky; Chuck King def. John McLoughlin; Ed Rippet def. Phil Underwood; Martin Sells def. Tony Pasion; Jack Schiffer def. Jim Franklin.

Sixth Flight: George Wells def. David Lum; John Hunt def. Al Carder; Dick Beaman def. David Gilbert; Jack Nantz def. Franz Miller, Sr.; Gordon Empey def. Jim Rogers; Ron Leland def. David Aase; Jerry Briggs def. Rick Williams; Bryan Bickmore def. Bill Hutchison.

Eighth Flight: Bob Norquist, bye; Dennis Phillips def. Walter Grebe; Ed Vranizan def. Roger Martin; Miles Sweeney def. Chuck Martin; Ron Marenda def. Kitt Hawkins; Bob Kaczor def. Larry Grant; Bill Sporre def. Jack Craig; Jim Gilbaugh def. Bill Mulflur.


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