The Astoria football team - preparing for a second-round state playoff game tonight at Junction City - was honored with several all-league selections, announced earlier this week.

Head coach Howard Rub was named the league's co-Coach of the Year, along with Scappoose coach Sean McNabb.

Fishermen senior Keenan Borgardt was one of three first-team quarterbacks, and fellow senior Andrew MacLean was a first-team running back selection.

Cowapa League Football 2004 All-LeagueOffensive Player of the Year: Jayson Brasmer, Scappoose

Defensive Player of the Year: Dan Emery, Scappoose

< B>Coaches of the Year: Sean McNabb, Scappoose; Howard Rub, Astoria


QB-Bryce Bostwick, Jr., Banks

QB-Keenan Borgardt, Sr., Astoria

QB-Tyler Morrill, Sr., Scappoose

RB-Jayson Brasmer, Sr., Scappoose

RB-Andrew MacLean, Sr., Astoria

RB-Matt Miller, Jr., Banks

RB-Kyle Moll, Jr., Banks

WR-Mike Roberts, Sr., Astoria

WR-Sean Robbins, Sr., Scappoose

WR-Brooks Edwards, Jr., Scappoose

WR-Ben Greer, Sr., Rainier

TE-Joel Christophersen, Sr., Rainier

TE-Joel Symonds, Sr., Seaside

OL-Donny Henes, Jr., Banks

OL-Travis Cooper, Sr., Tillamook

OL-Jeff Crowley, Sr., Astoria

OL-Bryce Harris, Sr., Astoria

OL-Olin Howlett, Sr., Rainier

OL-Nathan Hannah, Jr., Scappoose

OL-Kyle Kling, Sr., Scappoose

PK: Kye Johnson, Sr., Astoria


DL-Mitch Bigsby, Sr., Banks

DL-Matt Vandehey, Sr., Banks

DL-Jim Billstine, Sr., Tillamook

DL-Dan Olsen, Sr., Astoria

DL-Dan Emery, Sr., Scappoose

DL-Gabe Almack, Jr., Scappoose

LB-Jack McMillan, Jr., Banks

LB-Scott Lucia, Jr., Seaside

LB-Kenny Haynes, Sr., Banks

LB-Ryan Gomes, Sr., Tillamook

LB-Cody Hyatt, Sr., Tillamook

LB-Charley Lusby, Jr., Tillamook

LB-Maciah Schneider, Jr., Tillamook

LB-Josh Ray, Sr., Astoria

LB-Scott Hulit, Sr., Scappoose

LB-Kyle Kling, Sr., Scappoose

DB-Zach Munoz, Jr., Tillamook

DB-Frank Febus, Sr., Astoria

DB-Dan Klobes, Jr., Scappoose

DB-Nick Byrd, Sr., Rainier

DB-Kenny Haynes, Sr., Banks

P-Clayton Smith, Sr., Tillamook

P-Dylon McMurtry, AstoriaOther Astoria players selected to the first team included senior wide receiver Mike Roberts, senior linemen Jeff Crowley and Bryce Harris, senior placekicker Kye Johnson and senior punter Dylan McMurtry.

The Cowapa's first-team defense included Astoria senior lineman Dan Olsen, junior linebacker Josh Ray and senior defensive back Frankie Febus.

Seaside players named to the first-team were senior tight end Joel Symonds and junior linebacker Scott Lucia.

The league's Offensive Player of the Year was Jayson Brasmer of Scappoose, and the Indians' Dan Emery was the Defensive Player of the Year.


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