In a hard-fought battle, with pouring rain and sideways wind, the Seaside High girls softball team defeated Tillamook 18-17 on April 12.

Although the Gulls took an early lead 10-0 in the second inning, the Mooks fought back and put runs on the board during the game that lasted three hours. The Gulls were behind by two runs at the top of the seventh inning, but they took the game back, eventually winning by one run.

By the end of the game, both teams were soaked and frozen, but they battled to the very end.

Key plays included:

• Jordan Dotson was a smart base runner who used her skills to get other runners on. Her best moment came when she took a giant lead off of second, with a runner on third and one out in the bottom of the seventh inning. She garnered the attention of the Tillamook catcher, and while the catcher was preoccupied with Dotson, Seaside’s winning run on third, Shelby Miller, stole home to end the game.

• Catcher Allison Bussert dove for a bunt and caught it, somersaulted and held on to the ball for the out

• Shelby Miller ripped a triple to the left-field fence

• Whitney Westerholm turned a bunt into a triple

• Alex Habecker ripped a double

• Brittany West ripped it up the center toppling the pitcher's mitt

• Rosario Kuhl ripped a triple down the right field line

• Pitcher Stephanie Osterlund threw the entire game

• Rosario Kuhl played outstanding defense in center field

• Emma Bergin made a key catch in right field


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